Family Photography

familyOne of the hardest photos to set up is actually a group family picture. These photographs only works when everyone is not blinking, is on the same page and smiling at the same time. One the things people typically do to get everyone to smile is by telling everyone to say “cheese.” However, this is not always effective, as cheesy as it is. It has been overused. Below are some guidelines on how to snap a lovely family photograph that will make everyone look good.

Put the Group at Ease

It is always good that each person who wants to take the photo be at ease as well as comfortable with each other and the photographer. If you decide to pick one of the family members to be your photographer, then this should not be a problem. If you do not have any stranger in the camera, relaxing should never be an issue.

Move in the Scene

You should not be afraid to be in the scene and cut out the background and focus on people. You should let all the family members to interact prior to taking any photos. That way, they might show some affection for the picture.

Blur the Background

This helps to focus attention on the family. Blurring the background creates a dramatic look that highlights the subjects.

Timing, Lighting and Taking Control

Timing is usually everything when taking a photo. Ensure that you practice every now and then to get better. Additionally, you should have the best lighting for the camera. In some cases, a small flash will be enough but in others, you will need substantial lighting. Also, taking a picture outside in natural light of the sun can be quite fun. Lastly, make sure that you take control of everything. Communicate with everyone until you make the last shoot.